London Street Photography Workshops

London Street Photography Workshops

There are only 5 places available on this workshop.

Date: 17th March 2018

The workshop is suitable for professional and amateur photographers of all levels. We ask you to familiarise yourself with using your camera and basic settings before attending the day, this will enable you to enjoy the experience fully.
The day will start at 10.30 am and conclude at 16.30 pm with a break for lunch and comfort breaks throughout the day, most of the day will be out on the streets. There is a lot of walking during the day and the event may take place in inclement weather so come prepared!

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Street Photography Workshop Content:
• Learn how to anticipate the moment
• Develop confidence in photographing people on the street
• Ethics, laws and how to deal with challenges
• Varying styles of street photography and discovering your style
• Use black and white for atmospheric street photography
• Explore colour to create impact
• Use light to shape dramatic street photography
• Explore the use of various visual elements to enhance images
• Practical camera techniques to apply in street photography
• Use varying speeds to freeze or exaggerate movement.
• Use depth of field for different effects
• Learn composition styles that work in street photography
• Evaluate your photographs – what worked and what didn’t.

Through demonstration, set exercises and through your own photography practice, you are taught to use a variety of creative street photography techniques.

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Workshop Itinerary
The day normally starts at 10.30am with a coffee introductions and a discussion about the day. Linda will talk and touch upon street photography and her approach as detailed in the content list above.

Linda will cover what Street Photography is, and show you some of his favourite street photographers images. She will also show you the best way to approach his style of Street photography.

We normally spend around two hours covering these subjects then around 12.30am we head straight out on to the streets where you can watch the way Linda works and try out some of the tips and tricks that she shared with you.

We break for lunch around 1.30pm where we can find a quiet place for a snack to discuss the mornings work and share our experiences.

We then go back out on the streets to practice your new street techniques and try and find your street rhythm and look for some interesting characters or great light!

We stay out shooting until about 4pm, we then find a quiet place to sit as a group to discuss the day and this will include lessons learnt. Linda will give you their views on critique and show you how to review your own work.

You will be able to post your work and talk to Linda after the event through her social media pages or by e mail.

Full details of the day will be sent by e mail one week prior to the event.
Our itinerary will take us to varying locations, where we will put into practice some of the principles learned during the morning session.

After the course, participants will be sent a handy tip-sheet doc with content from this workshop.

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If you have any questions, please contact Linda