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Street Photography Night Tours in London
18th April 2018 - 0 comments

I hosted a London street photography night tour on the weekend. My traveller guest requested a private photo tour, covering all my favourite central London areas and hidden back streets to shoot after dark. The evening walk did not disappoint. Being a balmy Saturday evening, London's revellers were out on mass and there was a happy vibe in the air. It felt like a celebration that the cold, winter months were finally over and that this much needed warm, dry night in the West End was the start of Summer.

Central London, in general, is a great location for street photography day or night, but I think my favourite place to photograph at night is around the Soho area. It is a combination of many things, including the neon signs that light up the surroundings, the nightlife vibe, and interesting characters, as well as the hidden atmospheric side streets and paths. There is always something to photograph in Soho. It is also a great opportunity to experiment with your camera, try and be creative with things like light play, colourful abstracts as well as find candid interactions and street photography moments in general.

This particular photo tour started at 8 pm and was 3 hours long in total, which was just about enough time to walk the set route. We covered the areas of; Mayfair, Piccadilly, Soho, Chinatown, Leicester Square and Covent Garden.

If you love street photography, plan to visit London and need a photo tour host, I would be happy to show you around town and help you take some creative photos. Schedule to availability, I can accommodate both weekdays and weekends, day or evenings.

Please contact me for more information on my private photo tours.
Photographs shown are available as prints in my Etsy store LindaWisdomPhotoCo.
London Architecture Photography Tour - St. Paul's Cathedral
25th February 2018 - 0 comments

This weekend I hosted a London architectural themed photo tour for a new visitor from South India. For this tour my guest expressed an interest in photographing mainly London historical buildings and architecture such as cathedrals and churches, but also wanted to explore how the more modern glass and steel buildings sit together in the London skyline. Photographing the old and new structures of the city in creative compositions and points of view was a fun challenge. This was a personalised photography tour.

The photo above is of course St. Paul's Cathedral, which if you know where to go around the City, can be photographed many different ways then just a standard tourist snapshot!

If you are visiting London and are seeking a Londoner to help you photograph the city in a creative way, and/or would like some local guidance as you explore London with your camera, visit my London Photo Tours page for further details.
Happy New Year!
31st December 2017 - 0 comments

I'm hosting a guest visiting from Cairo, Egypt. A private 4-day street photography tour around London starting today. Day 1 completed!

This is probably my first ever NYE & New Years Day that I am/will be 'working'. I say working, but photography doesn't really feel like work when it's your passion. So not complaining! Let's see what 2018 brings.

Have a happy, healthy and creative New Year!
Seasons Greetings / 2017 Overview
19th December 2017 - 0 comments

Taken on a recent Soho workshop with a guest from Israel who booked me through Airbnb Experiences. Got another workshop this week and a private 4-day photo tour with another guest flying into London a week after Christmas into New Year! I'm usually winding down, taking it easy, ready for the New Year around about now!

It has been a busy and successful year for me, what with hosting workshops in collaboration with Airbnb Experiences, meeting some amazing guests from around the world, 1-2-1 photography workshops, really interesting photography commissions, a group exhibition at St. Paul's, Paternoster Square in the summer with HIP Gallery, FujiFilm and Matt Hart, having my work permanently displayed in a 5-star London hotel, being asked to be one of the panel judges for the British Photography Awards, growing my photography print Etsy Shop and so much more!

As off tomorrow afternoon though, I plan to take the next couple of weeks off, to enjoy the Christmas holidays. I'm already preparing for what's ahead in 2018 though, as its going to be another busy year, with some new and exciting news and projects already in the pipeline. I'm really looking forward to sharing these plans with you, so stay tuned to this blog space for updates!

Of course, in the meantime, if you are interested in booking a workshop or photo tours, working with me on an upcoming project, you need a photographer for an urban / street style commission, you are looking for some new wall art for your home, anything else in 2018, all you need to do as always is drop me a line!

So, it finally leaves me to say thank you to everyone who made my 2017 special and to wish you a very very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Have a good one and see you in 2018 :-D

Soho, London - Give me shelter
22nd August 2017 - 0 comments

Soho, London

Most people know that I don't mind if it rains when I am out taking photos - i have a gallery dedicated to the cause! Instead of moaning (too much!) about our great British weather and being negative, I channel that energy into a positive, creative one and make the most of the situation. When its sunny I can get my light chaser shots, and when its rainy, I get my umbrella & moody light shots!

When I'm hosting guests on workshops or photo walks around London, I have to keep in mind that not all people will want to embrace walking in wet weather to get those moody, cool, rainy day shots like I do. However, when they see my enthusiasm and I point out photo moments to them, I see the positive change and the rain doesn't seem so wet!

I encourage workshop guests to experiment with subject matter, composition and be creative with the people and urban environment around them. Its that breakthrough from them seeing the world through 'tourist eyes' and taking holiday snaps, to them seeing the world through the eyes of street photographer, that is why I love what I do!
New Street Photography Airbnb Experience
17th May 2017 - 0 comments

Group selfie with my two Mumbai guests after a fun workshop in Soho today!

I launched a brand new Airbnb Single Day experience for my London street photography workshops called Capture The Moment just over a fortnight ago now, and I've been pleasantly surprised by the number I've bookings I've received already!

'Airbnb experiences'?! I hear you cry! What the darn are those? Well in August 2016 Airbnb (more famous of course for their hosted travel accommodation services) launched Airbnb 'Experiences' and 'Trips' which essentially are tailored activities hosted by city hosts around the world like myself. Whatever your passion, there is likely to be a host in your travel (or local) destination city running an experience to suit your interest! So far, I've hosted my street photography experience for guests from Australia, USA, India, Japan, UK and all over Europe!

I actually now have two Airbnb experiences, a 3-day street photography workshop called Always Look Twice, and this new one-day (3 hours) workshop called Capture The Moment, which is more of a condensed version for guests on a tighter schedule in London.

If you are interested in booking a workshop with me, whether through the Airbnb platform or would like a more tailored workshop to suit your photography learning needs, please contact me and I will reply promptly!

3 Hour Photo Tour Workshops start from just £60.00 GBP per person.

New reviews from guests who attended my Airbnb experience!
London Photo Tours - Street Photography
01st November 2016 - 0 comments

Was super excited to host a 4-hour London photo tour with a visitor from Ohio, USA called Abe recently. As a Londoner myself, I admit I do sometimes take this great city for granted, as probably a lot of us do with our busy lives and all. During a hectic, working week, where you just want to get from A to B in the fastest time possible, its all to easy to forget we live in one of the greatest cities in the world!

As a London street photographer and workshop tutor and photo tour host to visitors into London, I not only get to pursue my passion (including a free cardio workout!), I get to explore all my favourite London locations, and also some areas in London I would perhaps not think about visiting. That is until I start mapping out personalised routes for my photo tours and workshop guests. In doing so, I occasionally discover a cool new place I have never been before or find a new perspective on an old haunt , which re-ignites my love for photographing London life.

My American guest Abe was great to hang out with. He was just getting into his new found passion for street photography, and wanted someone like myself to give him not only a tour of London and its famous locations, but also offer him some of my street photography tips along the way.

I had put together a rough plan of where we would go, based on what Abe was interested in checking out, but we decided it was way cooler to go with the flow and venture a bit off the scheduled route. We ended up hanging out in the newly renovated Kings Cross open spaces around the train station like Granary Square, Regents Canal, Pancras Square. After that we hoped on the tube to central London and explored Soho, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, then walked down to Westminster to check out locations around Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the London Eye & finally Southbank where we ended the tour 4 hours later.

Before we started the photo tour, Abe was kind enough to give me little inside tour of the beautiful interior design of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, where he is staying with his wife. At the end of the photo tour, Abe invited me to join them both for a drink & food back at this architecturally stunning hotel which was really nice and a weight off our feet! Thank you for the positive review and for returning the hospitality!