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A Room With A View - Photo Series
28th January 2018 - 4 comments
As street photographers, we can spend hours, days, weeks, months and years pounding the local streets, travelling the world, searching for that perfect shot. I personally love the outdoors, I love walking, I love my photo walks. The anticipation of possibly turning a corner and observing a cracking moment. The butterflies you get in your stomach just before you hit that shutter button knowing the moment maybe gone in seconds. I have even been known to plan a photo walk around a rainstorm/snow forecast, just to add to my ever-increasing Rainy Days & Brollies series of shots.

Sometimes though, I glance through the windows of my room with a view - raindrops streaming down, camera in hand, debating with myself 'is it worth going out today? Should I risk the warmth and coziness of my Maida Vale apartment to go out and make some pictures? Am I prepared to get soaked by our horizontal London rain? Is it worth my (non-weather sealed) camera of choice getting soaked and possibly damaged? With a 50/50 possibility of only getting some ok shots. Or, god forbid, coming home with..... nothing?! The sound of the kettle boiling brings me back to my senses, I take a sip of my hot tea and I say to myself "Nah! fudge that! I'm staying in today!!"

Thankfully, on those off chances that I did stay indoors (come rain, snow or shine), observing the local life from the comfort of my first-floor apartment, peering out my window (like Dot Cotton but with a camera), I managed to 'document' a few moments that caught my eye!

Here is a selection from my ongoing Room With A View photography series!

Raining Outside My Window Pt II - Room With A View
11th July 2016 - 0 comments

Another shot taken from my apartment window on a rainy day in London.

I am a great admirer of past masters W. Eugene Smith and Saul Leiter who both inspired this series of photos about life outside my window.

Between 1957 and 1965 W. Eugene Smith made approximately 40,000 exposures both inside the loft building at 821 Sixth Avenue, of the nocturnal jazz scene, and of the street below as seen through his fourth-floor window. This classic body of work, is from a series entitled "As From My Window I Sometimes Glance".

Saul Leiter was a prolific painter and photographer from Pittsburgh USA. A true master and some consider a pioneer of film based colour photography in the 1940s and 1950's, and remains a true inspiration for me. I highly recommend a feature documentary about Saul, called "In No Great Hurry" if you have yet to watch it.

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Raining Outside My Window Pt I - Room With A View
11th July 2016 - 0 comments

Taken from my apartment window. When I don't fancy going out in the rain to get some street shots, having a room with a view definitely has its perks!

Available as a fine art print.